Zombie Apocalypse

By Jordan Liu and Erik Lanzer

One day Max (Person) was reading a comic book about a zombie apocalypse in Mars. It was titled,” Zombies Come Back!” Max wondered what will happen if it came to life. Then he started fall asleep. The next day Max was reading and reading until he saw something outside. He saw something. He opens the door and says to his mom,”What is that?” His mom answered back,”What is what?” “The things out in our courtyard. They look weird” Max replied. His mom opened the door and it was weird. Things were walking, green things. They had torn clothes and they were walking weirdly. They kept on saying,”Brains!” Max realized something. What if what he said is realHe looked outside and said to his mom,”Zombies!” They quickly called the cops and told them about their situation. Max thought fast and said,”We should pretend we are zombies!” “Exactly, so they won’t recognize us!” his mom said back. They went outside and pretended they were zombies until they were at their car. After they got to the car they were driving to the airport. They finally got to the airport and bought a ticket to San Francisco. Then, they flew all the way to San Francisco. They got to San Francisco and the news said that they were a savior to lots of people. They saved many people’s lives, but a few people died. Then, the news had an update! The zombies were invading lots of places, but they were not near Max and his mom. But, the invasion was spreading! 1 hour later, another plane arrived from New York, but now the disease was spreading in San Francisco because someone came with the disease! So Max thought fast and said,”Lets go to Shanghai! It’s very far from here.” So his mom listened to Max and started on their trip to Shanghai. While they were there, the news said,”We are finding a cure for the disease, but for now we will close any transportation!” Max and his mom were excited because of these news about the cure. The next day the cure was ready, but who was going to test it? Someone brave wanted to do it… a brave determined little 5 year-old kid still in elementary school! The little kid went on a trip back to San Francisco. The kid tried it, and it worked! 1 hour later, the zombie invasion was over. It was all because of that little kid! Or was it…



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