Urban Myths and Superstitions: Not as They Seem

by:Ishani Raghunahan

Have you ever heard of strange reports or superstitions that might not seem true?  Many people have reported strange things they have seen. Some of them might not be true, but others are still a mystery. The mysteries that you will soon know might interest you. I hope you like this article!

Nessie the Loch Ness Monster

Nessie is a lake monster that lives in Loch Ness,Scotland. People have reported of Nessie since very early times (565: a year). Nessie is reported to be a long-necked amphibian with a long tail and thick body. Even though there have been many reports that are similar, it has never been proved that Nessie is real. Crypozoologists, scientists who prove creatures that aren’t real are still trying to prove that Nessie is real, but there isn’t any good evidence. There are pictues of Nessie, but they are blurred and people have figured out that it’s just a floating log. Is Nessie real, or is she nonessiet?


Bigfoot is an ape-like creature that lives in the pacific-northwest,around Washington (that is where he is most sighted). He lives in the woods and is very hard to spot. People supposedly have spotted him, and there is a lot of evidence such as pictures. However, these pictures are either blurred or not real. Some people have just dressed up as him. However Bigfoot nests and footprints show evidence that he could be real. Scientists have a theory that he is a relative to a species of Gigantopithecus blacki, an extinct primate. Is bigfoot real or is he just a hoax?


Ghosts are dead spirits that can appear anywhere they like. They are known to haunt people when they are angry and they wail when they are sad. People have reported ghosts when something strange has happened. But they have never been proved to be true. Sometimes the events that happen during the sightings are very realistic, however most sightings  have happened during nighttime. Are ghosts real or are they just an illusion?AnimatedGhost1

I hope that you liked the information that I have given you on urban myths. If you want to look for more myths and legends, you can look on websites and in books. I hoped you liked this article and please comment!

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