The Weed Mugwort

mugwort-fish060305-a-rncBY: AMARAH ALANIZ

There are many different types of weeds in North America. The weed that is most common and the worst to me is Mugwort. Mugwort is the worst because it continues to grow everywhere. To have a garden you should be careful you don’t pull the real plant out. When we are in the school garden we see so much MUGWORT  in the beds. The beds are where we plant our seeds. Having the garden is a great thing, but there is so much weeding to be done. Today, Andrew pulled out a humungous MUGWORT. It was awsome because it was so big. I have never seen any weed like that. Mugwort is so cool but a terrible weed. So make sure to pull it out when you see it growing in your garden!



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