Screen_Shot_2015-01-06_at_9_42_23_AM_0_0By Grace Hughes

Do you love the Super Bowl and puppies? Well, then I think you’ll love the… (Get ready for this!) Puppy Bowl! It features puppies playing one of America’s favorite sports: football! It’s so adorable with the puppies playing tug-of-war, and scoring endless touchdowns! They are all part of the adoption awareness program, and come from shelters, so you may adopt your favorite star player! They also have penguin cheerleaders, and a cat party at half time, and much more! And it’s perfect, because you can watch the Puppy Bowl, and then the Super Bowl. The Puppy Bowl is just the cutest, never ending cuteness! You can watch it on the Animal Planet channel, at 3-5 PM ET/PT on February 7, 2016. So get ready for tough cuteness with the Puppy Bowl!



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