The Pocket Watch Part 1

By Adrian Perez

Pocket Watch

Their names are Steve Lincoln and David Washington. They found this time machine in their grandpa’s old stuff, but thought it was just a broken watch when suddenly they remembered their grandpa’s stories about some watch that takes people back in time, but they never thought it was real. This took a while to get used to.

“Today class we will be learning about the history of Colonial Times.”says Mr. Duct Tape. Steve carelessly threw a note at Washington. Mr. Duct Tape sees Washington reading the note. “Mr. Washington, what are you reading?”asks Mr. Duct Tape. “Nothing, “says Washington.” WASHINGTON!” says Mr. Duct tape. “Ok,” says Washington.

“It says: Hey, Washington do you want to use the pocket watch today afterschool? From Steve Lincoln. P.S. Can we go to colonial times this time?” You are to go to Principals office now for violating rule #1 :No sending notes in class! During the long walk to the Principal’s office, Steve asks if he will go to colonial times or not. David agreed. Once at the principal’s office, Principal Choi asks them, “Why are you here?” We are here because we passed notes to each other during class.

“Ok I’m leaving you to with a warning, don’t do it again. Alright.” “Alright,”says Lincoln and Washington. After school Steve and David used the wacth to go to 1760.Once they were in Colonial Times, they had to blend in. They had to rip their clothes so, they didn’t get suspected. “What are we going to do?” Washington asked Lincoln. “I don’t know,”answered Steve.

They went to the tailor and paid him a silver dollar they found and was only able to get clothes that were like peasents.”Washington, what are we going to do now?” Washington asked Lincoln. “I don’t know,” Lincoln answered. You know what, let’s see what today is!”says Lincoln.”Okay”says Washington annoyed. “It’s April 19,1775!” says Steve franticly.

“Cooool”says David. “We are going to die if that pocket watch doesn’t charge faster!” says Steve scared.”Why?”asks David. “Because it’s the Revolutionary War,man,”yelled Steve. “Oooh, that’s bad,”replied David.”Ok, let’s get out of here now!”said Steve.

“Steve, the watch is not ready yet,”says David.”Ok,then can I see that for a second,”said Steve.”Ok,”says David worried. Steve gets the pocket watch, then activates it. But, something goes terribly wrong.


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