The Holidays During the Mid-Winter Break

Valentines-Day-at-Zen-1By: Erik Lanzer

The mid-winter break has come and gone, and if you’re wondering why we had off, keep reading. We have holidays during the break. Mid-winter break is usually time for Valentines day! Valentines day is February 14. Valentine’s day is very fun. You hang out with your family. You get to eat and play games. Also, you get to have goodies like sweethearts and a lot more. You also eat chocolate strawberries. They are very good. To add on, you get gift baskets from people that like you. You also get flowers like roses and give them to your family. You also make crafts for your teacher and other people that help you. Lastly, you get to hug and kiss your family.

Another holiday during the mid-winter break is President’s Day. You celebrate all the presidents. Usually and mostly you celebrate George Washington and how he helped the world. It is not all about George Washington. It is about other presidents too. Presidents day is also Washington’s birthday. You also get to talk about Abraham Lincoln, who is also called Honest Abe. He fought in the Civil War. He was fighting for no slavery against the South.  He was on the North’s side.

The holidays during winter break are here for these reasons.




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