91UWoeB2VIL__AA1500_By Andrew Zinzi

The green leaders are always trying to make the world a better place. So, we go through everybody’s garbage and recycling bins and fix what is wrong and compliment what is right. We also get quizzes on what goes where like if a plastic bottle viagra samples goes in the garbage or the recycling.

The green leaders are supposed to remind the kids to put the recycling in the recycling bin and not the garbage. The green leaders also take the recycling bin and take it to the teachers’ lounge. We also take the recycling bottles and put it in the big recycling bin and then leave it for the recycling men to take.

If you do not recycle, you might be trudging through trash in 10 years. You should always take care of the earth because it takes care of you.

In conclusion, the green leaders help the school improve on recycling.