The Flag Reaper

by Lavender Reynolds and Allison Kwait


You might not believe this when you read it, but we’ll tell you – we were there.

It all started on July 4th, 1545.  It was a normal teenage day in our lives (Although we died as teens, our ghosts are kids). We were hanging out with our friend Jack Sparrow. We lent him a copy of our design of a flag for our soon to be new country. You see, at the time we were under Britian’s rule. We wanted to bomb those evil people. Jack got into a knife accident, trying to find a rare bomb for us. Accidentally, he got his head chopped off and died. While Jack was in the knife accident, he was holding the real flag. Our flag. So now whenever he walks, he holds up the original flag. At his funeral, there was no body, so the man gave us the document. We were Jack’s only friends at the time. Our other friend Violet Sherman was an angel. Her twin sister was also named Violet, but she was a dark angel. One day, Violet (the dark angel) got purple streaks. She taunted us and became EVIL! We thought she was our friend, oh no! We are starting to remember things! I, Allison Kwait was once evil and Violet and I did things I am now ashamed of. I have had this speck of evil in me from kindergarten to middle school.  To this day, I am still a bit evil. So, Violet and I still keep in touch. I, Lavender Reynolds remember this: The day after Jack died, everyone was knocked out. I was awake and I was told the 21st century desendents of evil people we knew would become evil. It was our job to stop them before high school. At the end of Lavender’s story was when Violet killed us. On July 4th, you can not walk past Jack’s grave. If you are brave enough to, you become another flag reaper. The good Violet walked past it and got trapped with Jack. We have the proof with the funeral documents. That’s all there’s left of him. We were never able to save them because we died. Today, the desendents are people we know in school.


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