The DEMON Puppy Part 1

By: Allison Kwait

Have you ever heard of a DEMON puppy? –   A puppy that looks cute on the outside, but is a DEMON on the inside! She (Fu Fu) is treated like the cutest puppy ever and everyone treats the other siblings (Prince and Rover)  like they are DIRT.  Meanwhile, Prince and Rover were normal puppies, but Fu Fu was going to TAKE OVER THE  WORLD!  Well, at least that was what she wanted.  Anyway, Fu Fu was a KILLER and she hid it until no one was around except for her two brothers.  She would beat them up until they couldn’t move!  One day, Fu Fu decided it was the time to BE IN CHARGE and TAKE OVER THE UNIVERSE!!!!  She destroyed everyones’ homes until they OBEYED HER RULES and that didn’t take long. Soon, everyone OBEYED Fu FuALL HAIL QUEEN Fu Fu”, everyone chanted. Fu Fu ALMOST KILLED Prince, but Rover saved the day!  He blocked her DEMON EYES and instead of the eyes hitting Prince, they hit Fu Fu and ROVER! TO BE CONTINUED…                   

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