The Boy That Had A Bad Birthday

By Jordan Liu

One day it was a boy’s birthday. This boy’s name is Justin. Justin thought to himself and said, “It’s going to be the best day.” That night at 7:00 he and his mom picked up Justin’s friends. When they picked up the first friend, Justin fell in a mud puddle. He got so dirty he had to go back to his house to take a shower. After Justin finished taking a shower, they went off again at 7:30. They picked up all of Justin’s friends and when he did bad things happened to him like getting hurt by thorns, getting bird poop on his head, and so many other bad things. It turned out to be 8:30 already and his party ends at 9:00. Again he thought to himself, “I guess I was wrong about what I said this morning.” They didn’t have enough time to do all the fun things they planned. So they just went back to their house and celebrated Justin’s birthday at his house. It was so late some of Justin’s friends didn’t get to eat the cake. He opened his presents and said in mind, “should I celebrate another birthday?” He kept on thinking until the next day. Then he finally said, “Yes!” Justin’s mom said, “Why did you say yes? You had the worst birthday?”  Justin said to his mom, “I said yes because I finally decided that I want to celebrate another birthday!” His mother said, “Why didn’t you tell me?” Justin just said, “I don’t know?” Then Justin’s mom just started to call Justin’s friends. All of Justin’s friends said, “YAY!” They said YAY because he’s having another birthday to celebrate and this time they used the plan that Justin and his mom thought of!


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