Terraria Video Game Review

by Jordan OcampoTerraria 2

If you like Minecraft, you might like this game called Terraria.  At first Terraria might seem like a copy of Minecraft because you build and mine for resources and materials. You even use picks, axes and torches like in Minecraft.  The differences between the two games are that in Terraria the screen is 2D, which means you can only go left or right and up or down and the world is meant to be explored rather than just pure building.  Your character can dig very deep into the ground or fly up into the clouds and discover new biomes filled with great riches.  The different biomes include: forests, deserts, snows, jungles, dungeons, corruptions, underworlds, underground, space, hallows, crimson, meteorite and much more.  Terraria also has monsters but they get harder and harder to defeat as you get further into the game.  When you first start the game, you see simple monsters like zombies and slimes but later on, as you progress, you’ll see bigger and tougher monsters like Possessed Armor, Eater of Souls and Angry Nimbus.  In Minecraft, the monsters stay the same.  Also, in Terraria, there are bosses to face.  You can summon them or they spawn on their own.  Terraria1

Terraria is more action packed than Minecraft.  It  shows some pixelated blood and grave stones. Some biomes, bosses and monsters can be a little scary and too tough for younger children. I recommend that it should be played by 4th graders and up.

I give Terraria a rating of 9/10. I enjoy playing it and you can play it with friends online. The game is available on the Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Wii U and 3DS.  Terraria is very addicting like Minecraft and you can play it for hours.

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