By Claura Feng

Did you ever want to teleport? Try the new invention, teleporter!  There are 3 reasons why. The first reason is that it is faster than cars, biking, or walking. If you need to go to school very quick, you could use a teleporter to teleport to the school so that you won’t be late. Another way to use a teleporter is if you need to go to a faraway place like a new school or a store that is far away from your neighborhood, you could teleport there. The other reason is that it won’t cause global warming that vehicles cause like cars. Global warming melts away the ice in Artic. The ice cools the Earth down. It is also homes for polar bears and seals. The polar bears and seals will die and it will also destroy the food chain. The last reason is that if you are injured, you could teleport and that will be faster to take care of your injuries. If you are injured at the school playground and you can’t walk, you could teleport yourself to the school nurse. Another example is that if you are badly injured outside, you could teleport yourself to the hospital. These are all of the reasons why you should try the teleporter!

To do it, you need to press a button that is red and say where the place is. After that, the you will be teleported to that place!

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