By Grace Hughes

Are you ready for the 50th Super Bowl? Well, you’ve got to be ready for the Denver Broncos to go against the Carolina Panthers. The only plans you have this weekend is probably watching the Super Bowl.  Who are you voting for, and who’s going to win?

On the Broncos, we have their quarterback, Peyton Manning, and it’s his last year. In Super Bowl 48, the Denver Broncos went in, but then blew it against the Seattle Seahawks. Will it happen again? Hopefully not. The Denver Broncos, also known as the “Orange Crush” won 2 Super Bowls, one in 1998 against the Green Bay Packers, 31-24 and another the very year after that in 1999 against the Atlanta Falcons, 34-19. They have a long history. Can this be their 3rd championship win?

On the other hand, we have the Carolina Panthers. They’ve only lost like one game this year, so watch out! Here comes the fierce Panthers! Their fighting team isn’t looking to lose, like the Broncos. They’ve never won one Super Bowl at all! Will this be the year?

Who will be the championship winner of Super Bowl 50? I hope the Broncos win. I really want to know who will. Super Bowl Sunday is going to be a long night! In the comments, please right about who you’re rooting for in Super Bowl 50!super bowl 506a0115709f071f970b016300677d92970d  Denver_Broncos2


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