By: Aidan Marte & Erik Lanzer is a game where you are cannons trying to shoot other cannons. You start as the worst cannon, the original cannon. As you shoot blocks, you gain EXP, and after you shoot every block, you gain levels. If you get one higher level, you upgrade your tank’s stats. There are different kinds of tank stats like health regain, max health, body damage, bullet speed, bullet penetration, bullet damage, reload, and movement speed. As you upgrade your stats, you gain another bar. Once you gain 15 bars, you could upgrade your cannon. The upgrades of the cannon are the twin cannon, the sniper, the machine gun, and the flank guard. Once you get one of the upgrades, you are more powerful. The powerless is almost top level. It is so good, you get to kill other cannons. If you get the reload you can shoot faster. If you get the bullet speed, your bullets can go faster.  The bullet penetration is surprisingly better than bullet damage.  Movement speed makes your tank faster. Health regain can make your tank regenerate health, but can regain faster with max health. At level 30, you get another tank upgrade. Depending on your tank upgrade on level 15, you get a better tank! Once you reach level 45 you get the last tank upgrade!  This means you can no longer get tank upgrades.  So choose wisely.


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