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trendsScary Halloween Trends by Brianna

Halloween is coming. Get your costumes on. Get your candy bags ready.

Girls! I know you all love makeup, so here are some tips to try. If you want blood, try using red lipstick. Instead of buying a mask, you can be creative and draw on a mask with face make-up. Try using eye shadow and eye pencils.

halloween-monster-highHere are some halloween costume trends to try:

  • Medusa
  • halloween-frozenMaleficent
  • Princesess
  • Goth cheerleader
  • Elsa or Ana

halloween-aliensHey boys! I know you like really scary things. Don’t be afraid to use make-up on your face to make your face look super scary.

Here are some scary costumes to wear this Halloween:

  • Freddy kreger
  • Child alien costume
  • halloween-guardGuardians of the galaxy
  • halloween-werewolfTeen wolf boy
  • Basketball champs

If you need places to get these costumes you can shop at one of these following stores:

  • Party city
  • Carters
  • Target
  • CVS
  • Toys’R’US
  • Spencers

I can’t wait to see everyone at this year’s Halloween party on October 24th. Don’t forget to buy your tickets. This halloween is going to be Main features of relations with BBW a blast!


By: Claura Feng

1. Ask someone to sit with you at lunch.
2. Include people to play with you.
3. Write someone a letter.
4. If someone is being bullied, protect them.
5. Share because sharing is caring.
6. If someone needs help, help them.
7. Say hello to the people in the neighborhood.
8. If someone is leaving, write a goodbye and good luck letter.
9. If someone wants to be next but you’re next, let them be next.
10. If you have a toy and someone wants to play with it, let them play with it.
bully-311. Don’t misjudge.
12. Look at the speaker.
13. Do not interrupt when someone is speaking.
14. Don’t be mean.
15. If someone did something bad to you, don’t try to get revenge.
16. Show respect to your teachers by not calling out. Raise your hand.
17. Admire people’s work.
18. Stand up for the people who can’t.
19. Don’t bully.
20. Be a friend.
bully-221. Don’t hit or pinch people.
22. Respect people.
23. Be kind to everybody.
24. Treat everybody how you want to be treated.
25. Make someone laugh. Tell jokes.