Our New School Mascot

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Our New School Mascot

By: Adrian Perez

Me: How did you become mascot?

Rohan: Well, actually I was trying out for the basketball team, but I didn’t get on the team. Mr. Blum gave me an offer to be mascot and I said yes.


Me: How do you think being “The Terrier” will feel like?

Rohan: I think I would feel pressure since everybody will be counting on me to give spirit and good luck to the team.


Me: What is your job as a mascot?

Rohan: The job for the mascot is to give courage to the team when they feel unhappy and irrational.


Me: What do you think the games will be like without our beloved mascot?

Rohan: It will be hard. Some of the players might feel nervous so the mascot has to cheer them up.


Me: Do you think this can be a good opportunity to show what it means to be a mascot?

Rohan: Yes, I thought It was a good opportunity.