New York Giants Debate

Basketball-75The New York Giants are the Best!

By Grace Hughes

giants-1TOUCH DOWN for the New York Giants!

The quarterback for the New York Giants is the amazing Eli Manning! Eli Manning is a very talented player on the team. The New York Giants won two Super Bowls with him. Eli threw the last minute touchdown pass in a game. Not only was he a first round draft pick, but also, the MVP during Super Bowl XLII. Football runs in Eli’s family. Eli gets his passion for football from his father and older brother. Manning’s brother, Peyton Manning, is the quarterback of the Denver Broncos. However, the Denver Broncos lost in the Super Bowl this year. Also, Eli’s father, Archie Manning, was on the team the Saints before. Eli and his family broke many longstanding records in the past few years. Eli plays for a New York team, so if you are a New Yorker, my opinion is you should like him and his team. I am a big fan of Eli Manning and his team and we should all be fans of him and his team.

eli1Eli Manning The Horrible Quarterback
By Daniel Batashoff

Is it over for Eli? They didn`t even play ten games and he`s doing horribly. I could do better, and I`m a running back. I`m not the only person who is saying this, even people from ESPN are saying it. I wouldn`t be surprised if his own teammates were saying it. If he stopped playing it would help his team and the people watching. He is a disgrace to football! It hurts to watch him. And if you don`t know how bad he is… well, he throws interceptions, can`t make a complete pass, and he gets sacked a lot. I may be saying a lot about him but his team isn`t much better. Two other players bumped into each other and then the Lions (an opposing team) threw a touchdown pass to Calvin Johnson. Also, one of the Giants got injured from their own teammate. Honestly I think all the Giants should get fired and all the good players should just become free agents. Then the Jets will be the only New York team. I bet if the Jets played the Giants, the Jets would win. And, when the Giants played the Texans they did win, but they got lucky. The Texans aren`t the best team either. I bet any person could do better, even a baby. Now that I think about it why did the coach even draft giants3him? I wonder if the Giants won any games because the team they played was bad or if they are even getting better. I doubt it though. I have four more words to say, THE GIANTS ARE BAD!