Our School Garden With Mrs.Laugen

 By Grace Hughes                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    Us: What kind of vegetables and fruits are you planting in the garden?

Mrs. Laugen: For spring I plan to plant more lavender, sunflowers, lots of herbs like thyme, roses, and many tomatoes.

Us: What is your goal for the garden?

Mrs. Laugen: to plant earlier this year so we can harvest by June, my hope is students will run a farmer’s market here at 205 and sell the products.

Us: What is your challenge?

Mrs. Laugen: Find time! There is never enough time, and the weeds!!

Us: What is your favorite thing about the garden?

Mrs. Laugen: The garden is my happy place, and I’m seeing that many of my students feel the same. It gives me joy to see children learning outside.

Us: What is your favorite plant in the garden?

Mrs. Laugen: Lavender for sure. There are many varieties of it. I love them all.

Us: What do you want your kids to learn about gardening?

Mrs. Laugen: To identify plants by leaf shape, smell etc. Also to understand the life cycle of plants. Also from reusing food scrapes that we see as “dead” to enrich our soil to grow new plants – then when they die – composting time to create something new – also, to take responsibility for the garden. I can’t do it alone – I really rely on kids to learn independence and responsibility to run the garden.



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