Our Ballroom Dancing Program at PS.205

ballroom-dancing-silhouette_gg60449971By Ishani Raghunathan

We have a Ballroom Dancing program at PS.205. We have had it for a year now and it is only for the 5th grade. The 5th grade last year did it and now it is our turn to. We are going to learn many dances such as the Meringue, the Fox Trot, the Tango, the Swing, and more that we haven’t learned yet. On our first lesson everyone was nervous. After we experienced it I thought it was really fun. We learned part of the Meringue and started The Fox Trot. The Meringue is from the Dominican Republic. The dance moves were festive and so was the music. The Meringue was the type of dance where we moved our body a lot. We shook our hips while we spun our partner around. We also learned the Fox Trot. It is dance that first started in New York. It is a very smooth dance and it is continuous. The music is cool and smooth. It kind of sounds like jazz music. Our dance program is a great opportunity for us to learn dance. I think we are lucky to have it. It is fun and something that we can always enjoy. I can’t wait until we perform!

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