My Encounter with Bigfoot

By Andrew Zinzi

One day, me, Nate, and my dad went into the woods. We went looking for Bigfoot. Since my dad was a kid, he has gone looking for Bigfoot every day. He found foot prints and hairs. So Nate and I went looking for him this time. When we started our  journey we saw a lot of young trees broken in half on the ground. We figured that Bigfoot had broken them. We kept walking and then we found a good spot to set up our trap. Our trap was peanut butter. Then we put the peanut butter on to the stick. Then we waited for a while and suddenly a small Bigfoot like creature ran toward the peauntbutter and then we shot it with a rubber arrow. We hit it on it’s tail and it ran away, but we got a piece of it’s hair. We got some evidence of Bigfoot. Then we found a marble. It was in a jar that said 105. We figured aliens landed and put it there, but that is a different story.  Then the final part of the story is that I found a necklace in a Bigfoot bed…

Stay tuned to find out what happens next!

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