Mrs. Prevtii's Class Performs The Wizard of Oz

ChrysanthemumBy Caden Corbett


Have you ever saw a play? I am doing an interview on The Wizard of Oz, preformed by class 3-236.

The Wizard of Oz was an awesome play,and I will tell you about it. Dorothy came out on the stage with her dog, Todo.Her uncle and aunt came out and told her to come in the house. There was a storm coming. Her aunt and uncle told her to come in the basement. Dorothy went under the bed and hid. The storm hit the house. When the storm ended, Dorothy was in a new world. There was a witch. A good witch.  It was the north witch. She welcomed her to the country.She thanked her for destroying the witch.  She didn’t know she destroyed the witch. The west witch appeared. “Give me my sister’s shoes!” She said. The west witch disappeared. Dorothy wanted to go home. The north witch told her to go see the wizard. Dorothy didn’t know where to go. The witch said to follow the yellow brick road. The cast sang Follow the Yellow Brick Road. Dorothy and Todo came across a scarecrow. He needed a brain. Dorothy told him to come with her to see the wizard. Dorothy and the scarecrow encountered the  tin man. He needed oil.  The scarecrow put oil on the tin man. The tin man needed a heart. Dorothy told the tin man to come with her to see the wizard. Dorothy, the scarecrow, & the tin man encountered a lion. He wanted courage. Dorothy told the lion to come with her to see the wizard. The cast sang We’re Off to See the Wizard. Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin man, & the lion arrived at the castle.There was a guard.Dorothy said they were here to see the wizard.The guard let her in.They went to the wizard.’What do you want?!’ she said. Dorothy, the scarecrow, the tin man, and the lion told them what they wanted. The tin man got a heart,the scarecrow got a brain,& the lion got courage. Dorothy got the west witch’s sister’s shoes. Then the west witch attacked with her flying monkeys. Dorothy threw a bucket of water at the west witch. The west witch melted. Dorothy went to the north witch. “All you have to do is say “There’s no place like home” 3 times. First, Dorothy hugged the lion, scarecrow and tin man. She said there’s no place like home 3 times. Dorothy appeared in front of her aunt and uncle’s house.


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