Movie Madness (Starring Potato and Potaghto)


By Potato and Potaghto (Previously known as Allison and Lavender)

Green Text= Potato

Blue Text= Poataghto

Grey Text= Bob the Sheep

Orange Text= Dorito Man

Yellow Text= The Duck

Pink Text= Unicorn

Purple Text= All

Hey, guys.  You probably remember us from our previous story- the Dorito Man is in the sewer!- shhh, you’ll understand that later.  Anyway- let’s see a movie- great idea, Potato- how about Bob the Sheep?  Okay, let’s hand- walk there.  Excuse me, Mr. Popeye, I’ve gotta poop!  Come along, Potato- I’ve gotta go really bad- hurry up, the movie starts in five minutes! 

(While Potato was in the bathroom) Hum, de dum, dum.  Mmm… Doritos.  Now I’ve gotta go bathroom, too.  I’ll just wait until Potato gets out. Ooh, it’s a letter.  “Dearest Talking Hands, I’m stuck in a sewer.  Please help, I’ll give you Doritos.”  Now, that’s something to consider.

(30 minutes later) Hey, Potaghto, I’m back from the bathroom. Grrrr!!!!!!!!  I’ve peed my pants and the movie’s over!  Since when do you wear pants?  You get the general idea.  Actually, I don’t. Anyway, the Dorito Man is stuck- my best friend was stuck in the sewer and you didn’t tell me- I thought I was your best friend!  Oh, you are.  Anyway, let’s eat some Doritos- I already ate all of them- Nooooooooooooooooo. ooooooooooooooo.  Let’s sing a song- I know, there’s another movie playing.  Let’s sing Bob the Sheep at the movies.  Okay, let’s go now- but, I gotta go poop again- nooooooooooooo!  (Awkward silence)

I’m Potato with an o.  And I’m Potaghto with a g- h- o.  I’m a dance major- and I’m not.  5,6,7,8.  Bah, bah, damp, a, damp. 7, 8, turn! Why didn’t you turn?  Cause we never agreed to do this!- I thought this would be cool- It was never cool.

(Finally at the movies) This is my favorite movie! (Ushers shush) Oh, be quiet shushers! Oh, the theme song is on, let’s sing.  Do you want to sing?  Nooooooooooo. oooooo. Actually yes.

Bob, bob is a sheep. Baa baaa, like a sheep. Bob baaaaaaaas like a sheep. Even though I’m on a screen, I see a Nicky and some talking hands in the audience. Woaaaaaa. I jumped out of the screen.

Bamp, bamp, bamp, ba , damp a bamp.  The duck walked up to the lemonade stand and he said to the man running the stand, “Hey, bamp, bamp, bamp, got any grrapes?”

Hey, it’s the duck! I’m your biggest fan!!!!! Helllo? Did everyone forget about poor little me and start serenading that silly old duck? Did you say serenade?  Oh, tantan bam, oh tantan bam.  Hey, it’s another letter from the Dorito Man!  When was the first?  You were in the bathroom.  Let’s read the new letter.  Okay, I’ll read it,” Dearest Talking Hands, It’s me again- again?-want to join me in the sewer?- Of course, we want to- come live with me.  P.S. I’ll give you more Doritos and some sewer soup- (Potato’s mouth waters) I’m in! But I don’t think that sewer soup will fit into my balanced diet. And, what about our humble cottage with humble pie? We’re going whether you like it or not!  I don’t care what you say, you can’t make me do anything! Oh, yeh- oh, yeh. (Potato drags Potaghto to the sewer, grunting noises from Potaghto)

(At the sewer) Did anyone forget about me? You stalker! And then he waddled away, waddle, waddle, and then he waddled away- (Potaghto runs away) Shhh, we’re in the sewer! Ah hah, you’re staying with me, girly- boy! Dearest friends- who are you and why are you sending us suspicious letters? I mean Potato.  Anyway, let’s live together in the sewer- where are your clothes, you’re only wearing Doritos!  Soups on, who would care for some sewer soup?  I’m leaving- oh, no, you’re not! Hands these days- Meeeeeeeeeeeese, wait I didn’t add enough ees.  You sure have weird friends- Ahem, ahem. I’ve got an idea to get out of here- I don’t want to get out of here!  A pink, fluffy unicorn dancing on rainbows.  There we go.  Nice to see you, Potaghto.  You think my friends are weird- ahem, ahem.  (Blinding flash of light, suddenly all characters are in a theater)

Let’s link arms like the Rockettes! (They all link together and kick) Dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun… And that’s a wrap folks!  Hey, look it’s Nicky and the wrap!

Credits: Me, no me, no me, no me, no me. Let’s give it to the voice in the shadows! To be continued…




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