Minecraft Multi-Player

By David Mamonov

Did you know that Mine Craft multiplayer is another way of experiencing the world of gaming? In the server titanmc.net you can play op also known as over powered prison break. The way you play is you do /kit starter and you get a starter kit to begin with. Later on when you play you gain money and rank up. When you’re at the last rank you get to rank up to the max level and then you restart to the first one again. When you reach the 10th max level you get to have colored signs. The more you play that server, the more famous you will get in it and people will recognize you for being on that server for a long time. Did you know that you can buy ranks I.R.L. money aka In Real Life to get a cool kit and cool commands such as /fly /feed /heal /warp? Whenever you buy a rank, people congratulate you.  Over all I think Mine Craft multiplayer is a great game because there are many ways of experiencing the game.


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