Martin Luther King

By Jordan Liu

Martin Luther King wanted to be someone smart. After several years Martin Luther King grew up and became a minister like his father. He used the words from the Bible he read as a child. In 1955 on a cold day in Montgomery, Alabama someone named Rosa Parks was going home from work. A white man told her to get up on the bus. But then she said, “No.” Then she got arrested because back in the 1950’s the black and white people were separated. In this situation it would be called segregation. Since Rosa Parks was arrested, most of the black people started to boycott the bus community until the law was changed that the black people can sit wherever they want. Some people got murdered and beaten. Then finally the law changed because the bus community lost alot of money. Martin Luther King freed Rosa Parks from jail. After a long time he gave the “I have a dream” speech. It was a very famous speech. The population was over 3,000! Martin Luther King became a very famous man because of his speech. He was awarded with the Noble Peace Prize. He was happy for himself. One day Martin Luther King was assassinated but we still get to celebrate his birthday every year!

Carla looking out over the town of Grazalema nobelpeaceprize

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