Invention Torpedeos

By: Erik Lanzer Jordan Liu and Justin Cameron

 We have been thinking about a new invention, Torpedeos! Torpedeos are a different kind of Doritos. They look different and are a little bit unhealthy and healthy. Torpedeos are spicier than Takis. They are close to burning your fingers. That’s why you need to wear gloves. They don’t look hot, but they really are!  A torpedo brings the Torpedeos directly to your house then beeps. They are completely magical. They taste really different from Doritos, and since they are super spicy you could attend a challenge with other super spicy Doritos and it gets spicier each round. You  would compete with other people. The first one that needs water is out or else it goes on. 

Here are the flavors of the Torpedeos:

Regular (Still super spicy) (If you’re doing a challenge this would be the first round)

Dorito Torpedeo (A little more spicy than regular) (Would be second round)

Taki Torpedeo (A little more spicy than Dorito Torpedeo) (Would be third round)

Super Torpedeo (A lot more spicy than Taki Torpedeo) (Would be fourth round)

EXTREME TORPEDEO (Way more spicy than all the others) (Would be fifth round) Caution: Don’t eat more than one at a time!

Then when all these are done, keep doing it until you have a winner!

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