How We Became Talking Hands: A Continuation of the Flag Reaper


By Potato and Potaghto (previously known as Lavender and Allison)

Red Text= Nicky speaking

Brown Text= Wrap speaking

Green Text= Potato speaking

Blue Text= Potaghto speaking

You are probably wondering how we became talking hands- mmmmm tasty- Potato not now because you didn’t know that we became talking hands in the first place because we never told you because we never ate you-makes sense to meWe were originally ghosts and now we are- hey, who’s that- we are- hey, I asked you a question- we are- hunky dorey- NOT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  We are now even funnier- hey, can I eat your hand for a mid- morning snack- Potato, what did I tell you about interrupting me? Hahaha.

Now we’re serious- I’m constipated here.  We tried the laughing challenge while we were still Allison and Lavender- grrrrr We wanted to become baldies- in case you didn’t know baldies are people who shave off their hairThat didn’t go too swell because we might have- hey, there- because we might have- hi- we might have- hello- shaved off our hands.  But, we might have not- you would have looked- hey, I’m talking- offly fabulous as a baldy- you would have too, Potato.

Potato here to dominate the world- I wanted to tell them- I’m still constipated people. Okay I feel better now lalalalalalalala, I’m singing in the shower- you always hog the shower.  Do you like my hand shirt- it’s a little overrated- bubububut I’m nakedThat’s what your shirt says, you can’t actually be naked if you’re wearing a hand shirt- I just love showers- why are you always in the bathroomit’s my secret lair, but you are welcome to take a shower with meeeeeeThat’s okay- I’m dyyyyyyying rasta rasta mon Okay, I give up, but can I eat now- Potaghto, you already ate two paragraphs- I mean I want to eat your hand- but, I’m typing- I can type for you- let it go!  AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA- I didn’t mean that you should jump off a cliff. There we go.

Now we’re eating zombies- let yourself goThanks, Potaghto, I’m floating away on a balloon- are you okay- I’m fineLet’s play huggy bear- okay, huggy bear two- mmm, offly tasty I’m listening to my beatz head phones, monOOOOOOOKAY- now remember our last story- of course they don’t-theeeeen let’s grow beards and tell them- but, that will take up too much space and we only have- hey the Nicky show is on-NOOOOOO, WE’RE MISSING IT!!!!!  Idea, let’s make Nicky tell a summary of our last story- omg, it’s, it’s aaaaah, I love Nicky- I love interrupting things, hey, after we do my idea, do you want to watch the Nicky show in the theater- it’s a real cliff hanger- mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

You just dominated the world with your cliff hanger, Potato- Wait, I didn’t add enough ms. Also have you seen the latest Toys R Us commercial? Camon let’s play- let’s register in Hamilton Highschool, how could we even play with toys?  We’re talking hands-HAND POWER!!!!  And also, we were in highschool when we were in our first life.  Stop eating my hand, it’s not french fries-but it tastes so gooood, let’s go to Hander King.  Oh, Nicky, summary time.

He he ghoi, the name’s Nicky and who wants to hear a wrap?  I want a wrap, mmmm tasty!  I love you, Nicky, I’m itchyyyyyyyyy, achooo!!!!!  Glavin, Ptttpttttt, Nicky’s an apple in my pppttp lunchbox pttpt (5x) Hey, Nicky, summary time!  These hand-some talking hands used to be people in the early 1700s. They awakened a spirit, hung out with devils and angels, and died. Whawhawhaaaa! Then they came back to life as- (whispers) pst, Nicky, five more seconds until the show ends- ghostsandtheyfounddesendantsofevildudeshehehethentheyshavedofftheirhands-maybe-andtheybecametalkinghands. And that’s a wrap folks.

Potato, let’s write a story- can we post it on the bell buggle- how ’bout a song or we can watch a movie.  How bout’ nooooooo? It’s a real cliff hanger

(to be continued)

Coming soon… The Nicky Show on video

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