How To Survive a Horror Movie

horrorBy Rohan Israni

During horror movies do you scream? Do you hide under your bed? Do you run to your mommy or daddy?
Well if you answered yes to any of these questions, you’re looking at the right article.
After horror movies people get so scared they can’t do anything. You think that the serial killer is in your bathroom, kitchen, attic or even your basement. Believe me I know this from personal experience. Some people are scared of horror movies. Am I right? Or am I right?
Picture this: a man is chasing you with a really pointy staff and you can’t really see his face. He says, “Say hello to Hades.’’ Then you see a red monster rise out of the ground. Well you better hope he didn’t see your face. You will never want to crawl out of your daddy’s or mommy’s arms.

So here are 5 good tips on how to survive a horror movie:

1. Don’t watch them unless you’re forced to.
2. Never ever keep your eyes closed. 3. Try to always have an excuse to go to bed early. 4. Always listen to the warnings. 5.Always have a light on when you sleep.

With these tips you will survive everything!