How to Handle the Stress of State Tests

By Andrew Zinzi and Erik Lanzer

I hear that students feel pressured, nervous, and overwhelmed. For example a kid named Adrian Perez is constantly studying for the state test. All the students in third, fouth, and fifth grade have been stressed for the past months. The reason why they are stessed is because they are afraid they won’t get in a good middle school, high school, and college.Here are some tips that can cheer you up: do yoga, take deep breaths, think about things you like, calm yourself down, and read a book or comic. It will be over before you know it. Good Luck!

One comment on “How to Handle the Stress of State Tests

  1. I should definitly take yoga and read comic books, but i dont have time to do yoga. i’m usually very busy due to homework. Also, would if my teacher and parents dont like me reading comic books? Could you replie to me and give some tips if i’m stuck in this situation.