How To Get On A Soccer Team

240px-Soccer_ball.svgBy Andrew Zinzi
The first thing you need to know is that you have to practice a lot! Just so you know you might take a couple of tumbles, but nothing serious.
You should always wear your shin guards. You should always pass with the inside of your foot because if you hit it with your toe, the ball might go high, but it is a sure way to break your toe.
When you shoot or pass the ball and you want it to go high, you have to put your foot under the ball and hit it with your laces. Make sure when you head the ball, you always hit the ball with your forehead. Not the top of your head because you can get brain damage or a concussion.
You can never win the game by yourself. You will always need your teammates. You should always pass to your teammates. You don’t always become the star of the game by scoring a goal. You can also be the star by making cunning passes and great crosses to the middle. Good luck!