Having a Job

By: David Paul

Having a job can be very difficult.  I don’t have one, but I still know what it is like.  It can be difficult because you may not know much about your task.  Also, you might have to get to the place where you work early.  If you get there late, you might get fired and lose all your money.  Most likely you made hundreds of dollars and losing it can make your heart to be full of melancholy. However, I’ll stay on the positive side.  Having a job can also make you earn money for a living.  Without a job you could not make a living.  However, jobs are not just for adults.  Sometimes even kids have jobs daily.  They do it for allowance.  They often make allowance for an expensive toy that they are desiring.  Some do it because they are considerate.




allowance: money earned by a job

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