Geometry Dash (Stereo madness)


By: Aidan Marte and Joshua Saikin

Have you ever played games that get boring quickly?  Well if you do, you’re in some luck today.  I am here to introduce you into the world of……*Drum Roll*…….Geometry Dash!!   This game is only $1.99. Geometry Dash is a fun game where you have to dodge spikes and try to beat the level. The first level is stereo madness.  The level is rated by 1 star.  Stereo madness introduces the normal cube and the rocket.  The first thing is the cube.  The cube is your original character.  To control the cube you have to tap on your ipad or click the mouse for your computer and the cube jumps.  The things you have to jump over are spikes and wall that is coming your way.  You can’t turn back (unless you’re in a time machine, which we will talk about later) so you can’t mess up.  After you get past 45/100% mark, you turn into a rocket ship.  Yes you heard me, a rocket ship.   When you do the rocket part you have to hold the ipad screen or if you play the computer you click rapidly. When you beat a level you flip into a wall and it says “Level Completed!”  And if that’s not cool, you even get another icon or character to play with.  A level has a practice mode and a normal mode.  The normal mode is what we just explained to you.  However the practice mode of Geometry Dash has check points.  So if you have a game that gets boring quickly, and you want to try something new, buy Geometry Dash.stereo madness


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