Game Reviews

Burnout_Paradise_Boxart_2By Max Spencer

Do you like games that are pumped? I do, here are two games for the older and younger grades.
A game called Vvvvvvvv is a very fun game that requires smarts and patience. It is a great game for all ages. The critics who rated the game were all positive. The point of the game is to get through all of the stages and save a crew stuck in a dimension. You even get to defy the laws of gravity. Another game good for the lower grades is Slime Lab. You can find this game on In this game you get to control slime and you have to overcome all the obstacles. You can absorb pieces of slime to get bigger. You can use the down button to shrink the slime.
A game good for the upper grades is Burnout Paradise. This game is a car game where you get to destroy other cars. You can also race in the streets. You can jump of ramps and go at super speed. This is a game that I really like to play. A game that you can play for older kids is Tanki. It has 3D graphics and is very fun. You get to destroy other tanks or team up with them. You can also make friends across the web. These are four games that I recommend for the upper and lower grades.