Game About Balls:


By Jordan Liu and Erik Lanzer

The game about balls is called is a game that you start out with 1 ball, which has a mass of 10. You eat little balls and you grow bigger by eating the little balls. When you eat the small balls you can eat bigger balls(cells) and you grow more(size). You can choose your nickname (Sanik, Moon, Obama, Trump and more fun names). There’s a leaderboard that shows the top 10. When you start, you have a specific color like red, blue, pink and more! The names we said before have different skins. There are settings you can change like show mass, dark theme(makes background black), no names, no skins, no colors and skip stats. You can log on with your Facebook account to level up and start with more mass. You can split and you can feed people(cells) you can split by pressing spacebar you can feed people by pressing W. You control your cell by moving your mouse. There are different modes such as FFA(free for all), teams(only the colors green, blue, red), experimental and party.

We think that is a very addicting game. More than 10,000 people on each server play. In our opinion, we think this is one of the best games we play. is a very fun game because it has unique features. 


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