Erik Lanzer's Hockey Life

By: Erik Lanzer

I started playing hockey since I was two. When I was two I started to skate around my courtyard with my fisher price skates. When I was three my mom got a little hockey net. Then my dad gave me a little hockey stick and I learned how to shoot the puck in the little net. I started to practice with my brother. The next year when I was four my brother joined a hockey league. The hockey league was called College Point Roller Hockey. His team was the Blue Stars. I watched my brother play hockey in that league. Then I started to play on the big nets in the back. I got better and my brother’s coach picked me to be on his team. Then my brother got his first goal on November 14th,2010. Before the teenagers games they shot on me in net. When I was five I got my first goal. It was on November 13th,2011. I was so happy that I scored a goal. Everyone was cheering. I kept on playing and I scored another goal. Then a kid named Matt Satriana came in the league. He was on the same line as me. He passed it to me and I scored a goal. When I was six he left College Point. Then other people came. Their names were Marco and George. George got the puck, he passed it to me, I passed it to Marco, and Marco scored. We had very good chemistry together. Once me and Marco were on a breakaway, I passed it to him, he passed it to me, I fake shot the puck, deked around the goaltender, shot, and got the puck in the net. From there, I got my first hat trick which is when you get three goals in one game on November 11, 2012. Then I went to a game that was very important. The game was hard so I didn’t score a goal. Then when I was seven a kid tripped my brother. Then we waited to join a new league. Finally we joined a league called Dwarf Giraffe. My friends went there. In all the games we played, I scored a goal. Then when the season was over I joined the travel team for Dwarf Giraffe. I versed Bellmore.I scored a goal. I lost the game 12-4. I still play hockey on the Dwarf Giraffe travel team. I hope I become a professionial hockey player whe I grow up.