By Claura Feng
A turkey named Eggbert is practicing the piano, when a human named Hebe started to chase Eggbert. Nate another human shot Eggbert.  They brought Eggbert to their home. When they are gone, Eggbert opened one eye. He was playing dead the whole time! Eggbert ran out the door. He was not any ordinary turkey! He has been built by a gene! He can never die because he is the god’s pet. Eggbert is also suppose to be a secret. That is why the humans came back and Hebe has a knife and Nate has a knife, too. Eggbert used a tree and swung a tree at them. Hebe used a pokeball and Lucario came out. Nate used a pokeball and a Chestnut came out. Eggbert used a pokeball and a Mega Charizard came out. The Charizard breathed fire at them. He said,”I am just a turkey and I beat you! Ha ha ha ha ha ha!” Then he returned Mega Charizard and summoned Hypnopig. Hypnopig hypnotized the humans. He returned Hypnopig and ran to his home. The legend of Santa Claus is that Santa Claus is actually a turkey named Eggbert which is the turkey who escaped from the humans. He said,”Oh no, I am late for Christmas!” He brought the gifts and started to ride on the sled with the reindeers. He delivered all the gifts and when he landed at his home, the hunters came back! Eggbert did  karate and exclaimed,” Haaaaaa! Yaaaaa!” His powerful kick sent the hunters flying. The hunters landed  in a volcano. He ran home. The next day, he went to get the newspaper and he spit in his coffee. “Oh wow, how to get a free trial of viagra they will just will never give up.” The newspaper said   “2 hunters is capturing all the turkeys in the world! When will they stop!” Eggbert knew that they used the “Future Teleporter”. Eggbert did nothing but sighed. He knows that He will save his people. He flew to the forest and fought with them. The hunters said,”YOU, AGAIN!” They were so frustrated that they look like their head will explode. Eggbert said,”Well yes!” They fought morning to night. One day the hunters were suddenly sleeping on the ground. Eggbert free the turkeys and then called the police who arrested them. Eggbert was awarded an emerald sword and a gun that could turn to any kind of gun he wants. The turkeys then lived happily ever after, but then he heard about a dragon trying to take over the world. Eggbert sighed then ran to fight the dragon.