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P.S 205’s Artistic Walls

By Grace Hughes

Have you since the beautiful wall art on the halls of P.S.205q? Well, they are fantastic, beautiful, and amazing! Our school’s art is breathtaking compared to all the other schools in Bayside, New York! You’ve got to see it!

20160107_155805_resized Our art work is based on nature. It is covered with beautiful butterflies, and your favorite flowers! There is also a famous saying from Rachel Carson and Albert Einstein, which supports nature. Carson states, ” Those who dwell among the beauties and mysteries of the earth, are never alone or weary of life.” Einstein states, “Look deep into nature and then you will … understand everything better!”

When you look up around, there’s green, swaying grass, and buzzing bumble bees! (the nice bumble bees!) Also, there’s a hand holding a hand full of dirt with a stem sprouting with green leaves. It’s beautiful!

These walls show how caring P.S.205 is for nature, and how important nature is. Our school community would like to give a special thanks to Mrs. Laugen, Ms. T and the rest of our helpful school community.

Questions & Answers With Mrs.Laugen: 


Why did you decide to put this beautiful art on ours schools walls?

Well, our lovely paraprofessional Ms. T approached me about a program called New York Cares. It’s a nonprofit organization that sends volunteers  from across the city to beautiful schools! I felt our hallways were a little bare, so last spring I applied to the program.

How did our school get this?20160107_155747_resized

I had to fill out an application, then meet with a supervisor here at the school who works for New York Cares. Once she checked out our school, I had to wait until August to find out if we were approved. We were!

Why did you decide to put “nature” as a theme for the walls?            

Well, first nature is all around us. Yet, often times, we ignore it. Without it, we simply couldn’t exist. Also, when we stop to notice it, it adds such peace and wonder to our lives! Also, I thought it fit in with our lovely garden and compost program.

Other information?   

Myself, my husband, Ms.T , and her friend came to our school on Saturday, October 7th with a bunch of volunteers and a professional artist. We got it all done in one day! Also, NY Cares supplied all the paints and materials at no cost for our school. It was great to see so many strangers giving their valuable time for our school. Oh, and  they cleaned up our garden too! They planted tons of daffodil bulbs, so keep a look out  for them in the spring!








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