Eggbert The Turkey, Part 2

By Claura Feng Eggbert the turkey was relaxing in the Turkey Land with an estimated number of  1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 turkeys. He then sat up and went to the Pokemon  Store. He bought Pikachu. Pikachu doesn’t like being in the poke-ball. “WHAT … read more

Tomorrowland Review

By Maximillian Spencer Tomorowland is an action-packed movie that I think will get very good reviews once it comes out on May 22. If you manage to stumble upon the trailer, there is only one word for it: EPIC. From what … read more

My Encounter with Bigfoot

By Andrew Zinzi One day, me, Nate, and my dad went into the woods. We went looking for Bigfoot. Since my dad was a kid, he has gone looking for Bigfoot every day. He found foot prints and hairs. So Nate … read more

The Flag Reaper

by Lavender Reynolds and Allison Kwait You might not believe this when you read it, but we’ll tell you – we were there. It all started on July 4th, 1545.  It was a normal teenage day in our lives (Although we … read more

The Pocket Watch Part 1

By Adrian Perez Their names are Steve Lincoln and David Washington. They found this time machine in their grandpa’s old stuff, but thought it was just a broken watch when suddenly they remembered their grandpa’s stories about some watch that … read more

Back in History Part 1

By Lavender Reynolds There were two students at P.S. 205. Their names were Catherine and Jennifer. Catherine was always getting into trouble. Jennifer was smart, and loved history. One day out of curiosity, Catherine started to go down to the … read more