By Jordan Liu These days people are going around saying,”Whats 9+10?” and you’re thinking,”Why?”and say,”19,” but then they’re like “WRONG, its 21,” in a weird voice. If you don’t want to get embarrassed in front of a crowd next time,  say “21” in the … read more

Cookie Robots!!!

By Jacob Kwasniewki Cookies suddenly became  cookie robots. Some were even attacking people in military jets . It even went on the news!  All the people in U.S.A were freaking out.  People were heading to the airport. All the planes were … read more

Aliens Attack!

By: Aidan Marte When it was 2:30 p.m., there was a U.F.O that hit half the state with their laser beams!  There were lasers everywhere!  Tons of people were dying from their torpedoes.  When they were hit, they came out.  There … read more

Dinosaurs vs. Robots: Part 4

Dinosaurs vs. Robots! By Jordan Liu and Erik Lanzer But, the dinosaurs were also reproducing Toby and Bobert. They  got nuked, but dodged it and survived. The robots were angry especially Bob, Bobert’s cousin. So, Bob kept telling his minions to bomb their base until they got to the core of the … read more

Sci-Fi: Dinosaurs v.s Robots Part 3

By: Erik Lanzer and Jordan Liu DINOSAURS vs. ROBOTS!  The dinosaurs attacked with all their might, but they couldn’t take it. They went after the robots and killed almost 1 million! The robots kept on regenerating. Still, the robots got demolished by the dinosaurs. The dinosaurs thought … read more