Basketball Scrimmage

By: Amarah Alaniz

On Friday, May 29th, we had a celebration for the 60th anniversary of our school. On that same day we had our spring concert. After lunch, we went to the gym. Unfortunately I had to watch a second grade class for lunch. The cheerleaders perforcollege basketballmed a song and then we let the alumni speak. They talked about how big their lives are. They were awesome. The words they said were powerful and awesome.The alumni speakers said to follow your dreams and never give up. Before we played with the college basketball players, our school’s basketball team played. For the girls it was A vs. B. For the C team, it was C vs. any girls who wanted to play. For the boys it was A vs. B and C vs. D. Then Harry Johnson played against a former student.  The first quarter I was on Harry’s team, the Gold team. It was Gold vs. Blue. Gold lost by one. I had a great time.



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