Back in History/The Pocket Watch Part 2 Mashup

by Lavender Reynolds and Adrian Perez

Previously on The Pocket Watch,”But something goes terribly wrong.” Previously on Back in History,” Uh oh!, they said in unison.”

Catherine, David, Jennifer, and Steve apeared on a busy street. Catherine and David said at at the same time,” I know you. I get sent to your class all the time! No, I know you! ” Then Jennifer and Steve said, “You guys, cut it out! No, you cut it out! Stop it!”

This went on for about 45 minutes, but we thought it  was tooooooo long to include it in our tale of mystery, adventure, and full out comedy. Then, both Steve and Jennifer checked the newspaper and saw it say September 10, 2001. Both Jennifer and Steve freaked out. Catherine and David said,” What’s the matter? We have to stop doing that.” Jennifer answers,”Tommorow is the worst day in history.”

Steve also says,”9/11.” David says,”I’m not here for a history lesson.” Catherine says,” Guys, I have an idea. Let’s call the workers and pretend to be the bosses.” David says,” Yeah!” Jennifer and Steve say,”Nooooo!”

However, David and Catherine are very persuasive (and there were a few fist fights). THEY HAD TO CHANGE THEIR MINDS! They find the phone numbers to the employees so they can take a day off tommorow. But, then the bosses had no idea.

The next day, on September 11, 2001. David, Catherine, Steve, and Jennifer slept in a boat’s bottom deck since that was the only thing they could afford.The bosses came and were getting ready to fire everyone. They realized it was a scam. They went home. There was still the problem of the towers. Jennifer said to Catherine,”Why are you always hanging out with David now?” Catherine said,” Meh.” Then she ran to a plane with David. Then, Jennifer and Steve teamed up. Catherine and David jumped off a plane to get on a terrorist controlled plane. Catherine and David knocked out the terrorists. They crazily steered the plane into the water. Everyone besides the terrorists lived.

Jennifer and Steve found out what they did to the American Airlines plane. It was going to crash into the North Tower. Then Jennifer and Steve hacked into the plane and landed the plane safely and and told the passengers to beat up the pilots since they were terrorists. Then, they went for pizza but, mostly the only reason was because Catherine was really hungry.

[wallcoo]_Newyork_Twin_Towers_wallpaper_CTY01009( See back in Back in History Part 1.) Then, they parted ways and David and Steve left immediately. Catherine and Jennifer were in the basement. Catherine said, “I should get to do it because I was smart enough to activate it.” Jennifer said she could try. Catherine was confused. There was a big red button that said Press here to time travel otherwise get free app. Jennifer got the app, and went home.

The next day at lunch, Steve and David were alone, then Jennifer called to hangout, and then they hung out and had fun.


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