Back in History Part 1

By Lavender Reynolds

There were two students at P.S. 205. Their names were Catherine and Jennifer. Catherine was always getting into trouble. Jennifer was smart, and loved history. One day out of curiosity, Catherine started to go down to the school basement. Jennifer had no choice, but to follow. They saw a huge machine with a lot of buttons and switches. Jennifer said,” There’s nothing down here. We should leave.” Catherine did not listen. She went up to the machine and started to press buttons and pull switches. It started to make noise and puff steam. All of a sudden, there was a bright light and the place looked different. They went up the stairs and into their classroom. The teacher was different. A calendar said 1954. “This is the school’s first year,” said Jennifer. “Whatever. Let’s look around,” Catherine replied. The students looked at them funny. Jennifer said,”We need to get 50’s clothes.” They went to a clothing store. Finally, they found good clothes. Then they blended in. They explored other parts. They saw who lived in their old homes. Jennifer told Catherine not to touch anything or talk to anyone because it could affect the future. Catherine asked a stranger for directions. They saw everything, but decided to keep a route back to the school where their time machine time_machinewas. They decided to to go home because Catherine was hungry and she did not like the food there. In the basement, they saw¬†two tied-up students wearing their clothes. Jennifer freaked out. Catherine shrugged and said,”Where do you think we got the clothes from?” The time machine got all crazy as soon as they went inside. Jennifer said,”Did you help us again?” “Yes!” “Uh oh,” they said in unison.



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