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Student Body Update

By Maximilian Spencer

The student body has now been elected and now are working in groups on projects. For example, my group has Andrew Zinzi and we’re getting ideas that will make money for other good stuff like vending machines.[Andrew Zayfman is working on vending machines.]We will also be trying to make these fundraisers as fun as possible. My idea was to have a sports game where we sell tickets. Then the money will go to one of our projects. We might also make more shops like the holiday store. Erick  is working on better school lunches and I’m glad because the mac and cheese doesn’t even have normal cheese. Gabriella is working on art and Nate is working on gym. In conclusion, I’m proud of the student body for all the effort they are doing to improve our school. Stay tuned for more updates throughout the school year.

Odell Beckham Jr: The Star

By Maximillian Spencer Odell Beckham is a football legend for the Giants. Here’s his story.  The game was in November 2014. There were 14 minutes and 52 seconds left to the game. He is sprinting towards the touchdown line. He is being … read more


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Big Hero 6

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Tomorrowland Review

By Maximillian Spencer Tomorowland is an action-packed movie that I think will get very good reviews once it comes out on May 22. If you manage to stumble upon the trailer, there is only one word for it: EPIC. From what … read more

Paul Blart Mall Cop 2

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The Chinese New Year Play

By Maximillan Spencer Today the fourth grade class went to Queens college to see several dances to celebrate the Chinese new year. One dance is called the raindrop, in this play a dancer represents a  peacock embracing peace. Another  dance … read more