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New Year’s Resolution

new-years-times-square_650picture-of-a-stack-of-books-with-some-harry-potter-glassesBy: Adrian Perez

New Year’s Resolutions

  • Eat different varieties of food
  • Eat healthier
  • Read more books
  • Practice a certain subject, such as writing
  • Do all of your homework every night
  • Practice more for a sports league your in
  •  Be more courageous
  • Study more for exams
  • Do chores without pay
  • Help take care of brother or sister
  • Play outside more often
  • Don’t beg your parents for things

Batman vs. Superman

By: Adrian Perez Batman vs. Superman Batman vs. Superman… who will win? In my opinion, Batman would win.  Superman, the Man of Steel, has heat vision, ice breath, super strength, and the power to fly. The Dark Knight has no … read more

Go Native Americans Poem

by Andrew Zayfman and Adrian Perez   Native Americans celebrated Thanksgiving So do we They admired it better than us Because it was for a Truce Tradition Follows as  we celebrate now That means we should love it harder than … read more

Mets World Series

LET‘S GO METS By: Adrian Perez and Andrew Zinzi      October 28,2015 OMG!  The Mets made the World Series.  If you’re a Yankee fan sorry about your loss, but it’s Mets season now.  No one could figure out Daniel Murphy, home run … read more

The Isle of the Lost

By: Adrian Perez Did you know that Disney villians had kids? Well, if you don’t know, this book review will help you understand what I mean. The Isle of the Lost is an island, (isle means island, in case you … read more

All About the Giant Panda

By: Adrian Perez Giant Pandas Giant pandas are endangered species. They live in bamboo forests in Asia. Giant pandas have to eat 20kg of  bamboo each day. There are only about 1,000 pandas left in the world. Brown bears, leopards, … read more