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A Life of a Second Grader

By Odelia Yin

In second grade,my teacher, chose a star student.  The star student  did the morning meeting. Then we went back to our seats.  The teacher said that we needed to take out our Unit 5 books. Then, the teacher told us what page that we needed to flip to.  The teacher read the words that was in the box.  Then we worked and wrote. When we finished our work my teacher read all the answers.  Then we put our books away.  I was not the star student. Carl was the star student.  Carl called the tables to the morning meeting.  My teacher said to the table leader to take out the SirGus books.  My teacher said to read the SirGus books together.  Then the table leader collect the SirGus books.  After that,we answered the questions in our Unit 5 books. Then Mrs. Gurin told us to put our Unit 5 books away.  After that, she said to take our Go Math book out. When we took our Go Math books out we learned alot of math. After we learned math, Carl called us back to do our math. When I finished my math, I read  a book. Then we had  lunch. Then we had a star student celebration. It was so much fun! The star student celebration started at 1:00. After that,I was the star student. It was  so much fun and it was the best day ever!  Also I made a poster and I spent the weekend making it. My poster had my wishes on it. Second grade is very fun.  end-of-year-2nd-grade-memory-book-dragged