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By: David Mamonov and Joshua Saikin

Have you ever sat in the computer room during free time and say, “Man, what should I play?”  Well I got a game for you!  Ladies and gentle tanks, let me introduce you to a multiplayer game called,*drum role please* Tanki!  In Tanki you play as a tank (obviously) that drives around trying to attack another person’s tank.  The more you play and destroy people, the more XP you gain.  If you fill your whole bar on the top of the screen, you rank up to the next level.  The ranks you can be, allows you to unlock and buy certain turrets, hulls, paint, kits, packs, and special items you can use in battle.  There are challenges you come across to earn crystals (Money).  Overall we think that Tanki is a great game to play for these reasons.  Have fun playing.    


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Minecraft Multi-Player

By David Mamonov Did you know that Mine Craft multiplayer is another way of experiencing the world of gaming? In the server you can play op also known as over powered prison break. The way you play is you do /kit starter … read more