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The Smart Oven!

Smart oven- Grace By Grace Hughes

These days, there’s a lot of technology, so why don’t we use it to invent real life helping creations, not just computers, and phones? We should invent an oven, with a mind of its own! Lets say you want to cook a frozen chicken that is -32 degrees Fahrenheit. The oven will tell you, “You put a frozen chicken in this oven, that is -32 degrees Fahrenheit. It will cook at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 3 hours.” It will know how to cook it and for how long! Say if you’ve got left over pizza in the box. If you put a box in with the pizza, then the oven would alarm you saying, “Caution! Caution! This pizza is still in the box. Take the box out or it would go on fire. Warning!” The oven won’t cook your food if it’s still in the box, or in its package. You want your French fries to cook? Well, you don’t have to worry that they won’t cook for the enough time, or get brunt, because it recognizes what you put in it. “You put in French Fries. It will cook at 125 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes,” it would say. And there you have it, the self-cooking, mind of its own, Smart Oven!




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P.S 205’s Artistic Walls

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Top 5 Things

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Our School Garden With Mrs.Laugen

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P.S. 205 Fun Facts

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