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Candy… Good Or Bad

toxicwastecans1tw_limitededitiondrumsalg-toxic-waste-candy-jpgBy: Amarah Alaniz and Adrian Perez

Is candy good or bad?  Some say yes, others … say no. Why no? Well, this is why we’re writing this article. Candy is loved by people with sweet teeth. Mostly kids are in love with candy. They love all the sugary candy. However there are some bad ingredients in candy that will make you sick.  Most kids obviously all love candy but do we really know what’s in it? All candies have tons of sugar in it. Some candies are sooo sour that it can burn your tongue.  Your taste buds burn away.  Also if it is reeeeally sour it can blister your tongue.  There is a really sour candy called Toxic Waste, which can really burn your mouth, and tongue.  If there are parents reading this we know you hate when us kids get sugar rushes.   We hope you enjoyed reading our article reading our article. We recommend that kids should eat less sugar.




Basketball Scrimmage

By: Amarah Alaniz On Friday, May 29th, we had a celebration for the 60th anniversary of our school. On that same day we had our spring concert. After lunch, we went to the gym. Unfortunately I had to watch a … read more


By: Amarah Alaniz and Herbert Ford On May 21, 2015, the girls and boys basketball team played a game against P.S 26.The game was very challenging, but we won. The boys won by 2 points and the girls won by 11 points. In … read more

The Weed Mugwort

BY: AMARAH ALANIZ There are many different types of weeds in North America. The weed that is most common and the worst to me is Mugwort. Mugwort is the worst because it continues to grow everywhere. To have a garden … read more

A Trip to the Bronx Zoo

By Amarah Alaniz On April 28, the fourth grade went to the Bronx Zoo. We first saw the flamingos, giraffes, and ostriches. Then my teacher took us to The African Lab, but unfortunately the other class went first. After we found … read more

The Amazing Soccer Player

By Amarah Alaniz On April 12 and April 19 I won my soccer game. I got hurt on my hip, but I didn’t want to sit out. I took my first kick and it was blocked, but then I kicked it again … read more