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P.C. Potato Companion

by Lavender Reynolds and Allison Kwait

picoHave you ever needed a companion or needed some information or needed a warm hug? Your Potato Companion (P.C.) also known as Pico, will be your new best friend. It even yodels! What could be more fun than that? It will also always make you laugh. It knows everything, so it’s a great homework helper. You could call it a personalized version of Siri that’s more heartwarming. It’s a real sweetie-pie. Pico will make you forget that it’s only a robot. It can even express love, emotion, and affection. It has a panel on the back, so you can change the voice and/or the language. It can also play music (shown). You can choose any song, or do karaoke. Once in a while, you will need to update it to get the latest songs and trends. To update, you simply plug it into an outlet with a phone charger, and leave it there for three hours. Meet Pico: Your new best friend.

How to Deal With Siblings

By: Allison Kwait Hi, my name is Allison and if you have a hard time dealing with your siblings, here are some tips. 1. Younger Siblings Don’t help them with ANYTHING if they don’t ask you to. Once I tried helping … read more

Valentine's Day Survey

by: Allison Kwait I surveyed 42 people in this school on how they celebrate Valentine’s Day.  These are the results: 4 people said they would give someone they care about a poem, 19 people said they would send a loved … read more

The Demon Puppy Part 2

By: Allison Kwait Previously on The DEMON Puppy: Part 1…, they hit Fu Fu and ROVER… When Rover and Fu Fu died, Rover was awarded The Award of Honor and Bravery. Now, everyone remembers him as a HERO. Meanwhile, Prince … read more