Animal Translator

by Jacob Kwasniewski and David Paul

Would you like something that can translate what your pet says? Well we want to invent an animal translator. The purpose of the animal translator is to translate what animals say. It can be very useful in many ways. The animal translator can translate any animal’s dialogue. Also it can translate any human’s dialogue to any animal’s dialogue. This is very helpful to people and animals. It can also be useful because vets can know how pets feel. Also it can tell you what your pet wants. It cannot only translate humans languages to animals, but it can translate animal to animal. It will be a small device that the human or animal will wear around it’s throat. Also, there will be a little piece on each ear for a human or animal. It will only cost $150. There will be no taxes for an animal translator.

Facts on animal translator: bugle1

only  $150

width of 3 inches




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