A Trip to the Bronx Zoo

By Amarah Alaniz

On April 28, the fourth grade went to the Bronx Zoo. We first saw the flamingos, giraffes, and ostriches. Then my teacher took us to The African Lab, but unfortunately the other class went first. After we found that out, we went to go eat lunch. The peacocks made werid noises. After that, we saw baboons. Then we went into the Africa Lab. The purpose was to write poetry. The teacher showed us different types of poetry. Then, she told us to write our own poem about one animal we saw. I wrote  a haiku. A haiku is a type of poem. It is a tricky poem to write beacuse the first sentence has to have 5 syllabes and in the second line 7 syllabes, and for the last sentence it needs 5 syllables. Once we were done with the Africa Lab we had to go. Before we went on the bus we went through the mouse house. We saw fat rats, tiny little mice, and 2 Chinchillasgiraffe-bronx-zoo-picture-2. We had an amazing time at the Bronx Zoo.

















































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